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Ai Childress
Ai Childress

Color Bars (Rubber Bands)
rubber bands, vintage newspaper and magazine collage, watercolor pencil,
acrylic matte medium on hardboard panel

Personal Style Although there probably is one developing (how can there not be for anyone who spends enough time doing something), I like to think that I do my best to keep artistic self-consciousness at bay. And that’s no easy task. Simply put, I love when messy meets tidy and the resultant concoction created.

Materials I use everyday materials as well as so-called “fine art” materials. However, I really don’t hold a distinction. I use what I have around me and have attempted to enlarge what’s around me. Because of this, I spend a fair bit of time collecting outdated, broken, and castoff materials to find a use for useless things. Everything is important; everything matters. Artists use anything and everything to make things. I once heard a boy say, “Artists take other people’s junk and make cool things out of them.” That pretty much sums it up for me. More specifically though, I have focused on collage and am beginning to grow from the flat rectangle on the wall into the hybridization of painting/drawing/collage and sculpture/assemblage.