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Ai Childress
Ai Childress

Color Bars (Pillow Case version .50)
foam pillow, fabric dye, various electrical and data cables

Process I don’t use any elaborate techniques, and the making is purposely laborious. One of my concerns is to elevate the everyday—to make the quotidian, well, quotable. I collect old printed matter (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) for the main staple of the materials I use, and, depending on my needs for the piece, I’ll often look through them backwards and upside down to remove their original context from my looking. I also organize collage materials according to color, shape, subject, etc. into containers. If I have a repeated shape motif, then I’ll make a simple guide for cutting. I use various scalpels, scissors, tweezers…and lots of acrylic matte medium as my primary adhesive. I gravitate towards putting layers down and altering them—acting as both creator and destroyer. I may alter things through sanding, burning, puncturing, wrapping, etc. I will go through multiple cycles of this process before I feel a piece is living on its own.